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This is our dog Jazzie-Ann, she is 2 years cancer free! I found a lump on her tail and thinking it was a bee bite, I waited a few weeks to see what would happen. In the meantime, her daddy took her for a walk in the park, let her loose and she got a cut on her front leg, so off  to vet we went. I asked for them to do a biopsy and it came back as cancer. A few weeks later she had her tail docked and the vet said if she makes it 2 years without any other lumps showing up she’ll be considered cured!

Just a reminder to everyone to please consider any lump on your pet as serious!

Submitted by Pam Rehbein


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Ok guys, I noticed that even though lots of you guys have reblogged and followed the blog there’s no way we’re going to hit 10,000 and I don’t want to let any of you down for such a silly reason. So… UPDATE!

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Make sure to send me a message here to be entered into the raffle. My personal blog is currently at 800 followers so let’s get that up to 2,000 for the contest. (Definitely more than possible by October since this blog has over 2,000 itself)

Also, Don’t worry if you’ve already submitted the contest prior to this update. I’ll still count you guys in.

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